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Café Chef Olivier, server Celine, apprentices Yannick and Julie

Café de la Préfècture

Café exterior in winter

Café de la Préfècture

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Ah, the café. Our favorite hangout. At least it was since February 2000, when Philippe, a café regular, approached Jeff. Jeff was enjoying his usual after-research coffee while pondering the days finds. From that moment on, we have been happy to call the café our home away from home. We also enjoy their 45 franc lunch menu. For about $7 which includes tax and tip you get REAL FOOD. Real, GOOD food. We've made lifetime friends there, we've laughed there. What a time we've had!

Enter: Sylvie. Wife of Jean-Louis, mother of Romain, 9, and Charlotte, 4. Cafe owners Jean-Louis and Sylvie have had us to their home in Couchey several times, and each visit adds to our "best of Dijon" memories. They are a super couple, and will forever be our friends. Romain and Charlotte are adorable, and correct our pronunciation when necessary. Which is, unfortunately, rather frequent! Kids don't cut you slack. Although Sylvie speaks English, she initially insisted NO ENGLISH! so we could practice our French. Now that our foreign language abilities are about equal(or so I like to think), she allows herself to practice her English with us. Sylvie is a great friend and confidante. She's also great fun. And if you ever visit the cafe, remember: Sylvie ALWAYS gets three kisses.

Enter: Philippe. Nicknamed FiFi. Works at the Trésor General in Dijon. He's a numbers man, working with the budget. Philippe showed us his office, as well as the computers that keep the Cote d'Or ticking! Philippe was Jeff's first café friend, and what a great man. He always greets you with a smile and an embrace, and is patient with our French. He has a wonderful family we've had the honor to meet over dinner, and we always enjoy our conversations together. Philippe will always have a special place in our heart.

Enter: Nicolas. Ah, Nico. The TALL frenchman. He tops off at two meters. Always has a cigar in one hand. And an Affligem draft in the other. Great fisherman, great friend. Jeff and I enjoyed a meal with Nico and his parents this winter, and Nico has taken Jeff on a promenade of Burgundy Chateaux(I was ill) as well. Very kind, generous man. And I'm proud to say I can finally understand his deep accent! We've spent many an evening together at the café, talking and laughing, and even singing a song or two. Vive le Nico! Vive le poisson!

Enter: Laurent. Lolo. Painter of things decorative. Faux finishes, gold-leafing, things like that. Great guy, and he loves California wine and prefers Andre Agassi to the french tennis players. But we won't tell on him. Laurent helps us with our French, and we've helped him remember some English he learned in school. Laurent also took us on a day-trip around western Burgundy where he grew up. Car rides are a great treat for Jeff and I! Laurent plans on visiting Jeff and I in the US once we return, and we can't wait to show him our country as he has shown us his.

These are our closest friends at the café. But we will never forget Lionel and his forever-young spirit. Or Marc, the generous pediatrician who helped me with my back crisis, and who is always is willing to speak English and give us good advice. There's Daniel, whose friendly face, ready smile, and open-armed acceptance is refreshing. Gilles, whose hands amaze me, a testament to his hard work. I love his laugh, and his humor. Julie, who works at the cafe as an apprentice to learn the trade, shocked us with her age: 18. We thought she was at least 23! Celine also works at the café, but is a waitress full-time. She is new there, and has already impressed Sylvie with her talent. Richard. Ah, what to say. Richard befriended Jeff and I last year before he moved to Brittany. He is a wonderful singer and will serenade you at a moments notice. These and other Dijonnais too numerous to mention here, have made our stay in Dijon even more memorable. Thank you! Whoever says the French are cold and distant needs to visit the Café de la Préfècture!

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