10 Secrets for a Perfect Eyebrows

10 Secrets for a Perfect Eyebrows Eyebrows are the perfect complement for the eyes take centre stage. However, they are often the forgotten ones. Barbara Crespo, eyebrow design expert and personal image consultant, gives the 10 keys to perfect eyebrows. Pencils, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation. The colors and textures are multiplied to help us create […]

The Best Foods to Lose Weight Without Dieting

If you want to lose weight and achieve your ideal weight, it is best to learn to eat to offset excesses and to know which foods are more calorie and should be consumed in moderation. So we made a list of some essential foods that will help you lose weight naturally without dieting. And yes, […]

3 Natural Creams to Remove Stretch Marks

Do not despair, remove stretch marks possible. Here we explain how to make and apply three natural creams for stretch marks that will solve your problem. Prescription creams to remove stretch marks To avoid it, the prevention of the stretch marks is best, but if you already have it with you it’s a little bit […]

The Lemon Diet and How to Lose Weight in Just One Week

The lemon diet and how to lose weight in just one week It is one of the most popular diets, as this fruit has many properties, both cleansing, as digestive and slimming. If what you want is to lose a pant size simply and quickly, try this detox diet for a week and most importantly, […]